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Practice These Tips for Better Posture

Practice These Tips for Better Posture

Practice These Tips for Better Posture

Practice These Tips for Better Posture

The good news is, it’s never too late to learn how to have better posture and to make a constant effort to monitor your posture. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to do this.

Better Posture When Standing

Bad posture doesn’t only occur when we are seated. Many of us can exhibit poor posture even while standing. Keeping the weight on the balls of the feet helps us to stand up nice and straight, as does keeping your body’s weight evenly distributed on both legs rather than constantly shifting your weight from one leg to the other. Having your feet apart at about shoulder width is also conducive to developing and maintaining proper posture.

When walking, always walk with your head held high, shoulders back and chest out, as if full of confidence and sure of yourself. This maintains an excellent and healthy stance while you walk.

Stand Instead of Sitting

Poor posture mostly occurs when we are seated. Some of us sit down most of the day to perform our jobs, and this is an environment that can really lead to posture problems, back issues, and increased pain throughout the body.

The first trick is to monitor your posture when you are seated and correct it every time you find yourself slouching. What’s even better is to be able to stand for periods of time while you do your work, or at least stand up regularly to stretch and straighten up, alleviating built-up tension in the neck and back.

In some work environments, it may not be possible to stand while working on a computer for example, but it is possible to get up and stretch regularly. One convenient product you can use to combat this issue is a desk riser. If you work from a home office and don’t want to invest in a desk riser, then maybe place your laptop out on the kitchen bench occasionally so you can work standing up for a while. Every little bit helps.

Monitoring Your Posture

Poor posture is a bad habit developed over time just like biting your fingernails or anything else. In order to correct it, we must first be conscious of this habit and make an effort to monitor it. Reminders such as notes on your smartphone, notes stuck to your desk or computer monitor, will help you to take note of your posture and sit up straight.

The Takeaway: Practice These Tips for Better Posture

If you find you are suffering back or neck pain, possibly from a result of poor posture, then SHIN Wellness is here to help. Our professional team will not only alleviate your symptoms and pain, but we will also help you to develop better posture habits so you can live life pain-free. 

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