Dr. Wendy Gallego DC


Founder of Shin Wellness and an accomplished Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Wendy Gallego uses her knowledge of neurology and biomechanics, as well as a gentle, soothing touch to help her patients achieve the wellness and improved quality of life they are seeking.

Dr. Gallego’s skills, strengths, patience and empathy as a doctor have been developed and enhanced through a myriad of experiences in her field. Learn more

Chad Bailey AP

Acupuncture Physician

Chad Bailey, AP is an expert in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Tui Na Massage, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan and Martial Arts, who brings an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to each of his treatments or classes. Learn more

Dr. Sam Rassoul DC


Dr. Sam Rassoul’s goal has always been to bring out the best in those around him. He graduated from the prestigious Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. Learn more

Dr. Eric Smith DC

Weight Loss and Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Eric Smith has now joined the team at Shin Wellness in Miami to help patients with their weight, fitness and body composition. It has always been Dr. Smith’s vision to help as many people as he can in the most efficient way possible using his experience and passion. Those experiences include nutrition, fitness, internal health, establishing successful life habits, coaching, and creating health and wellness. Learn more

James Goodlatte

Corrective Exercise Specialist

James Goodlatte has followed his true passion and calling as a professional, giving him more than 15 years of experience developing corrective exercise programs. Learn more

Cristina Arango, LSW

Therapy & Counseling

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults, Cristina Arango views therapy as a collaborative process and works with each person to create an atmosphere of warmth, introspection, and support. Her goal as a therapist is to guide others in working through and overcoming their personal challenges, and in the process, helping them discover their true self.  Learn more

Reynaldo Nieto, LMT

Massage Therapy
Rey has been massaging for 30 years and continues to love his work every day. He is such a wonderful addition to Shin Wellness bringing his multi-disciplinary approach using his vast knowledge of multiple massage modalities along with stretching and mindfulness to bring back health to the clients and patients he treats. Rey is highly skilled in Medical Massage, Stretching, Cupping, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage. Come see Rey and feel terrific with free movement in your body and decreased stress overall!! Learn more

Eberly Carro

Corrective Exercise

Eberly began her personal training career in New York City after completing her NASM certification. From here, she went on to complete her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, as well as, certifications in Yoga Breath Work, Thai Massage, TRX Suspension Training, Oriental Diagnosis, Assisted Stretching, and Certified Boxing Instructor. This professional progression provided the path to develop her passion, which is to improve health through proper movement and a healthy lifestyle. 

Learn more

Dr. Charles Franchino, D.C


Dr. Franchino comes to Shin Wellness with over 40 years experience treating patients at his 3 locations in New York City.  A recent Miami transplant, he is excited to continue his service. He is very skilled in the art of spinal and extremity manipulation and has a Diplomate in Sacro-Occipital Technique(S.O.T.) and is certified in Graston and Trigger Point Therapy.

Learn more

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