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I have been seeing chiropractors on and off for over half my life and even after years of weekly treatment I  would always reach a point where my improvements slowly ground to a halt while some back still pain remained. When Dr. Gallego first suggested I try the DRX9000, I immediately blew it off as an expensive treatment that I couldn’t afford and probably wouldn’t even get my back any better than chiropractic alone was capable of. I was completely wrong. I eventually gave it a try and weeks later I am simply astounded by the way my back feels. It feels like… normal!!!  This is the first time my back has been pain free in 16 years. This is what I used to  feel like!!!

Andrew P

I first injured my lower back 25 years ago. For decades, I’d be fine for six months – and then come limping back to one chiropractor or another. Dr. Wendy Gallego at Shin Wellness changed all that with her holistic approach to back injuries and the miraculous DRX 9000, which has left me pain-free and in the best shape I’ve been since adolescence. The painless (even relaxing!) 6-week procedure is the best investment in personal health I’ve made, and Shin is the smartest, most nurturing and comprehensive wellness center I’ve encountered.

Peter M.

This is my second time coming for acupuncture and it was the best. Where massages do well for most, acupuncture works better for me for the long run. Anytime I need a fix, I always come here. They’re all very professional, courteous and make me feel very comfortable. Each time I’ve had Chad for my acupuncturist and he does a phenomenal job!! Totally worth every penny.


I came to Shin a broken man, barely able to walk, thinking I needed to have surgery to fix my back. I looked like an 80 year old man in the body of a 30 year old. No one I spoke to could help me, but right away when I met Dr Gallego, I felt like I was with someone that wanted and more importantly COULD help me.  After using the DRX machine for a few weeks I was back on my feet. It was amazing, I could walk straight up again, and getting up and down didn’t make me want to kill myself anymore. All the staff at Shin are really great. They are super friendly, and make you feel at home. I fully recommend them to anyone with back trouble, without them I would probably still be hobbling around like an 80 year old. Thank you Wendy 🙂

Joshua Boxer

I’m very impressed with the DRX I have had problems for about ten yrs after an auto accident head on. The past year and a half the pain has gotten much worse into my hip and down my left leg. I felt a great relief as early as my first couple of visits. At the end of my treatment I felt like I was never involved in the accident there was no pain at all. I felt 10yrs younger. I can’t say enough about the DRX it is unbelieveable. Thank you Dr Gallego.

Claudia G.

I had chronic back pain and occasional acute pain so debilitating I had to stay in bed or have assistance getting around. Even though I was a regular patient of Dr. Gallego, I could only get temporary relief in spite of her excellent care and therapy. Dr. Gallego convinced me to enter the DRX treatment program and I admit I was sceptical about the outcome. However, because I have complete confidence in Dr. Gallego’s expertise, I began the treatment. I got through the program and completed my initial treatments in October of 2006. Since then I have not had any pain, discomfort or other problems that occurred on a regular basis. This is the longest I have gone without any pain or discomfort. I highly recommend the DRX program and I highly recommend Dr Gallego.

George B.

Massage so good I found myself drifting off anticipating the next one… Every treatment (chiropractor, acupuncture, massage) I’ve had at Shin Wellness has been delivered with so much love, care, and professionalism, I am so grateful that these healers are available to me and treat me so well!

Keshia A.

Love them and their service! All the doctors are super nice and the scheduling is super flexible and they even give you a reminder the day before your appointment, which I surely appreciate. I go for neurofeedback and therapy, and it surely helps! If you’re thinking of doing neurofeedback, this is theplace  to do it!!

Justine J.

Best chiropractic and Accupuncture in Miami hands down period. I am a regular. Most competent and compassionate doctors, incredibly zen comfort vibe…just the best!

Mariam K.

I have been going to Shin for over a year now. Prior to that I never had chiropractic services before but I hope I never have to go to anyone else. The office staff is so kind and friendly. Dr. Gallego has changed my life, truly. I came to her in so much pain I was lying on the floor by midday almost in tears. She and Chad have helped me get back to great physical health and balance. I am so grateful they were recommended to me!

Jennifer P.

If there were ten stars to grant, Shin Wellness would easily qualify. This small group of professionals goes out of their way to look after patients as if they were family. I had two car accidents which left me with various bulging and herniated discs and in constant pain. I have been forced to become open-minded with regards to treatment and have tried everything from weekly acupuncture (at other offices), Chinese gua sha, botox for migraines and a myriad of specialists to include various neurologists and pain management practitioners. I have been prescribed way more medications than I can recall. I have also been to many great chiropractors throughout the years but Dr. Gallego has BY FAR been the most effective in treating my pain!! Dr. Gallego and her team have made all the difference with their precise and persistent approach. I am not a big fan of divulging what I consider to be one of this cities best-kept secrets but also understand what it feels like to not find relief while in constant pain. This place is a gem. I am very grateful to have found them.

Kristi G.

Once again Shin saved me. I hurt myself doing my crazy workouts in Crossfit and weight training. Somehow they fixed me in one visit so I’m back in the gym. LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Tico C

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