Tara P.

Hands down, the BEST Chiropractor in Florida!! Dr. Gallego treats our entire family & is our first call when needing a medical opinion. The entire staff is kind, considerate and attentive to our needs.


Ruby R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wendy for many years. The dedication of her team to the care and overall wellness of all that walk through Shin’s doors is refreshing. I highly recommend Dr. Wendy and Shin Wellness to all those that are struggling.


Ryan K.

I highly recommend Shin Wellness for anyone experiencing pain and discomfort from back, neck, and joint problems! I have been a patient for over 15 years. The doctors are amazing and the professional staff truly make you feel cared for!


Tico C.

I recommend all services at Shin. Chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture etc. And if you suffer from lower back or neck issues their decompression treatment using the DRX9000 is spectacular and a must do before considering any type of surgery. Thank you Dr. Wendy Gallego!!!


Jenny Z.

Shin wellness center is Holistic healing Oasis in the heart of Miami. The staff is compassionate, kind and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Wendy Gallego, who is an intuitive and talented chiropractor, helping me to heal from neck and spine issues resulting from a previous whiplash.


Antonella G.

Yes!! Would highly recommend anyone that’s in pain to go there! Dr Wendy Gallego knows how to treat you, he and get you back on your feet.. Chad Bailey is the best acupuncturist.. Check them out, you will feel so much better!❤️


Joseph F.

Extremely professional staff. They will get you better. Had severe sciatic pain and underwent spinal decompress therapy with awesome success.


Mark H.

This facility and the team at Shin Wellness are world class. A true oasis that we’re fortunate to have in Miami, FL!


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