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The Benefits of Massage

The Benefits of Massage

The Benefits of Massage

The Benefits of Massage

We all know how good a well-done massage can feel. But a professional massage should do more than soothe the soul, it should also provide our bodies with multiple health benefits, sometimes even targeted towards a specific problem the recipient of the massage is struggling with. The idea is surely familiar to everyone, but people often wonder what the health benefits of massage are exactly. So, without further ado, here is the list of the main benefits a proper massage can offer you.

  • It can soothe low-back pain and increase your range of motion.
  • It can help make labor shorter and easier for expectant mothers, and also shorten the maternity hospital stay.
  • It can assist in alleviating dependence on medication.
  • It can help athletes and sports enthusiasts prepare for intensive workouts (and recover from them).
  • It helps weak, tight or atrophied muscles stretch and recover.
  • Through massage, joint flexibility can increase.
  • It ameliorates depression and anxiety.
  • It helps build a stronger immune system by stimulating the lymph flow.
  • It promotes tissue regeneration, reducing scars and stretch marks.
  • It improves the condition of the skin, the body’s largest organ.
  • It improves circulation by pumping oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.
  • It reduces post-surgery swelling and potential adhesions.
  • It reduces spasms and cramping.
  • It helps soothe and relaxed exhausted and over-strained muscles.
  • It relieves migraines by releasing endorphins into the body – and endorphins are the organism’s natural pain killer.

Massage – A Powerful Remedy

No matter what reasons we may have for seeking it out (skin treatments, a luxurious treat, pain management, physiotherapy, etc.), there’s no denying that massage is a powerful ally to our health. Experts estimate that most of our diseases and ailments are up to 90% caused by stress-related factors. High stress can be a disastrous source of illness since it reduces our immune system’s efficiency and makes us weaker. Also, nothing ages as stress does, both internally and externally, so we should take any precautions necessary to fight it.

But since avoiding stress altogether isn’t possible, at least while living in the present world, the only solution is to manage it through therapeutic works such as a professional massage. The best part about it is that virtually any type of massage has intensely stress-reducing capacities, aside from the effect it was originally intended for.

With a proper massage, arthritis sufferers experience more mobility and less pain, burn patients deal with less aching, itching, and anxiety, preterm infants enjoy significantly more weight gain, and so on. Enouncing all the benefits to all known diseases would take forever, but the one thing all therapeutic massages have in common is the fact that frequent visits lead to increased benefits. Allow yourself to relax, while you let the improvement of your health in the hands of a professional.

If you are interested in receiving further advice and assistance feel free to schedule an appointment today at SHIN Wellness!

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