Peripheral Neuropathy at Shin Wellness

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If you’re experiencing weakness, numbness and pain in your hands and feet this may be a result of damage to your peripheral nerves. This can also affect other areas in the body if you don’t find a cure.

At SHIN Wellness in Miami Florida, we offer treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy using a protocol revolving around 6 key elements which we feel really addresses the components of this condition from multiple angles- an approach that is necessary in order to really achieve results (more on the treatment later).

Peripheral neuropathy can result from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes, alcoholism, certain medications (especially statins and surprise! some of the medication used to treat neuropathy) and exposure to toxins such as chemotherapy. A very common cause of Peripheral Neuropathy can be diabetes mellitus.

Symptoms can range from numbness (paresthesia) or tingling to pricking sensations, or muscle weakness.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy may include muscle wasting, gland dysfunction, burning pain (sometimes at night), paralysis or even organ damage.

If your nerves have been damaged your internal organs may impair sweating, digestion, sexual function and urination. I extreme cases your breathing may even become difficult or you could experience organ failure.

How We Treat Peripheral Neuropathy

✓ First, we will review all diagnostics you have done already and we may also need to order more to determine the best course of action.

✓ Third, a very simple but powerful examination will be employed using the Toronto Clinical Scoring System as well as some Orthopedic and Neurological Testing Procedures. Once the data is compiled, the Doctor will have a good indication if you will be a good candidate (meaning will you be likely to get the desired results from treatment!) for this treatment protocol which we have named the Peripheral Neuropathy 6 Point Protocol.

✓ Second, we will also determine whether the stimulus that CAUSED the Peripheral Neuropathy has been removed or does it continue to be an ongoing factor, i.e If your problem is due to Diabetes, is your Diabetic condition currently under control either with diet or Insulin, or are your labs revealing a condition that is still not under control?

✓ Fourth, if it is determined that you are a good candidate and the original condition is under control we will begin this Protocol using 6 key factors all designed to optimally stimulate and supply the damaged nerve with what is necessary for repair.

✓ Finally, some cases may require more than the 6 or less than the 6, however, in the vast majority of cases, this is the “special sauce”!

Our 6 Key Factors

#1: Decompression Therapy using the patented DRX9000 to relieve pressure on the nerves as they exit from the spine.

#2: Cold Low-Level Laser Therapy to greatly increase blood flow to the area thus helping to perfuse the tissue with much-needed oxygen and nutrients to begin healing.

#3: Sigma Instruments precision alignment of the spinal joints as well as the joints of the extremities (hands and/or feet) to remove extra pressure causing poor nerve flow and/or compression.

#4: Vibration Therapy to stimulate tissue and increase circulation.

#5: Nutritional Therapy aimed at restoring nervous system function and healthy tissue (individualized for each patient’s condition).

#6: Electrical Muscular Stimulation in the form of Interferential Therapy, Medium Frequency or Microcurrent (individualized for each patient’s condition).