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At SHIN Wellness we offer Homeopathy as a service to help you on your path to health.

Samuel Hahnemann, a physician from Germany, is the father of Homeopathic Medicine. He created this now global medical system in the late 1700’s and through extensive clinical experience and research as well as the physicians who have followed him, the work has been expanded exponentially.

Homeopathy is an entire system of medicine that is based on the “Law of Similars”. This is the philosophy that substances that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can cure a sick person with similar symptoms. The treatments given are called remedies and each remedy is individualized for the person and set of symptoms.

Each remedy is considered a stimulus for the body to begin to heal itself and it is believed that given the right stimulus one can rid themselves of virtually any disease or condition. The remedy is diluted and diluted until only the imprint of the stimulus remains which is what is thought to make it not only so powerful but also so safe.

These remedies are only made from completely natural sources and there are no routine prescriptions in Homeopathy.

✓ Homeopathy is precise. There are no routine prescriptions in homeopathy. Each homeopathic remedy is chosen to stimulate healing in each patient’s unique constitution.

The homeopath will interview the patient for up to two hours so that she can understand the state of health of the patient. Because illness represents a disharmony of the whole person, the interview will focus on physical, emotional and mental levels as well as family history.

The homeopathic treatment is then perfected until the prescription is chosen, which catalyzes a fundamental improvement in that person’s state of health and well-being.

✓ Homeopathic treatment is deep-acting and long-lasting Homeopathic treatment resolves the underlying cause of disease so that permanent restoration of health follows.

Homeopaths aim to help their patients achieve freedom from limitations in their lives. Ideally, the patient will reach a level of health where he or she no longer depends on any medicine or therapy.

People who have had homeopathic treatment generally find that their state of health and well-being has improved. They are better able to resist infection and have a greater sense of stability and individual purpose in life.

✓ Homeopathy is safe Under the care of a well-trained homeopath, homeopathic remedies are safe and without harmful side effects.

They are thoroughly and scientifically tested on healthy human volunteers.

Who is Homeopathy for?

Homeopathy is a treatment that can be used in so many different conditions of the body and mind, and due to its gentle and safe nature and can be used for men, women, and children of all ages.

Common conditions Homeopathy is used for are anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, neurological disorders, migraines, headaches, acute colds/flu, difficult skin disorders, eating disorders, high blood pressure and many many more.

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