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The Importance Of Exercise If You Have Arthritis

The Importance Of Exercise If You Have Arthritis

The Importance Of Exercise If You Have Arthritis

Exercise is essential for people that suffer from arthritis. It can boost strength and flexibility, reduce joint pain, and help decrease feelings of fatigue. It is understandable that when stiff and painful joints are already slowing you down, the idea of walking around the block or swimming a few laps may seem overwhelming.

However, the good news is that you aren’t required to run a marathon or compete like an Olympic competitor to help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. The truth is that moderate exercise on a regular basis can ease your pain and help you maintain a healthy weight. When arthritis threatens to keep you immobilized, exercise can keep you moving.

Lack of exercise can actually make your joints even more painful and stiff. Keeping the muscles and surrounding tissue strong is crucial to maintaining support for your bones. Lack of exercise weakens the supporting muscles, thus creating more stress on your joints.

11 Reasons Why Exercises Is Important When You Have Arthritis

  1. It will keep you feeling energized.
  2. It makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep.
  3. It helps you control and maintain your weight.
  4. Keeps muscles surrounding your joints strong.
  5. It helps you to maintain bone strength.
  6. Enhances your quality of life.
  7. Improves your balance.
  8. Lowers stress levels.
  9. Aids in joint lubrication.
  10. It improves your flexibility.
  11. Improves your posture.

 Tips as you get started:

  • Time of day that you are active. Be mindful of your body and schedule exercise for the time of the day when you are least likely to experience inflammation and pain. Avoid doing exercise when stiffness is at its worst.
  • Balance rest and exercise carefully, especially if you have rheumatoid arthritis. Take the time to rest and recover often to reduce inflammation, pain, and fatigue when your condition flares up, and choose to exercise more when it calms down. Short breaks of rest will help more than long periods in bed.
  • Keep the impact low. Lower impact exercises such as stationary or recumbent bicycles, elliptical trainers, or exercising in the water will help keep joint stress low while you move.
  • Move gently.  Take the extra time to move your joints gently at first to warm up. Start with range-of-motion exercises for five to ten minutes before moving on to strengthening or aerobic exercises.
  • Go slowly. Exercise with easy and slow movements, and remember that pain equals stopping. Sharp pain and pain that is stronger than your usual joint pain may indicate something is wrong. Be sure to slow down if you notice swelling or redness in your joints.
  • Stay hydrated. Always drink plenty of fluids during and after exercising.
  • Dress properly. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear when exercising.
  • Ice afterward. Apply ice to your joints for up to 20 minutes after activity, especially after an activity that causes joint swelling.

4 Types Of Exercise You Can Do With Arthritis

  1. Walking. Walking is a simple, low-impact aerobic exercise choice that nearly anyone can do regardless of fitness level.
  2. Yoga. Yoga is a wonderful low-impact exercise that can help you build strength, reduce joint inflammation, improve joint function, and minimize arthritis-related pain.
  3. Workout In Water. Water exercises are a good choice to minimize pain and reduce stress on the joints since water supports the body’s full weight.
  4. Strength Training. Strength training exercises such as weightlifting, push-ups, and squats help you strengthen the bones and muscles that support joints, while also reducing pain, stiffness, and swelling.

The Takeaway

When you are in pain, it’s not easy to persuade yourself to move but when you do persevere, you will gain many benefits. It is important to remember that regular exercise will not only help maintain joint function but also it relieves stiffness and decreases pain and fatigue.

Physically active individuals are often happier, healthier, and live longer than those who are inactive. This is especially true for people with arthritis. These tips will help you learn how exercising with arthritis can improve your overall quality of life.

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