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The Best Sleeping Position For A Healthy Back

The Best Sleeping Position For A Healthy Back

The Best Sleeping Position For A Healthy Back

If you have lower back pain, you’re not alone! In fact, lower back pain is the leading cause of disability across the globe. So if back pain is so widespread, what exactly is the cause? Well in most cases, back pain isn’t caused by any serious medical conditions. In many cases, the cause of low back pain is usually due to bad posture and awkward sleeping positions. So how can you stop putting stress on your back while you sleep? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. So what are the best sleeping positions for maintaining a healthy back? How can you maintain proper alignment while you sleep?

1. Sleeping On Your Side

If sleeping flat on your back is uncomfortable, try sleeping on your side. However, you should make sure to put a pillow between your knees if you decide to sleep on your side. To maintain proper alignment, you should:

  • Allow your right or left shoulder to make contact with the mattress, along with the rest of that side of your body.
  • Place a pillow between your knees.
  • If there’s a gap between your waist and the mattress, consider using a small pillow there for added support.

The pillow will keep your hips, pelvis, and spine in better alignment while you sleep.

2. Sleeping on Your Stomach

It is best to NEVER sleep on your stomach as this is not healthy for your neck or your low back but for those of you who must you can avoid some of the pitfalls by putting a pillow under your stomach.

  • Place a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen to relieve some of the pressure from your back.
  • Depending on how this position feels, you may or may not choose to use a pillow under your head.
  • Of note for you diehard stomach sleepers- some people have been successful at becoming side sleepers by using a body pillow. Although they are sleeping on their side they feel as though they are sleeping on their stomach due to the pressure along their entire body from the pillow.

3. Sleeping on Your Back

Sleeping on your back is one of the best positions when it comes to reducing back pain. However, if you do sleep on your back, make sure to place a pillow under your knees to aid alignment.

  • Lay flat on your back.
  • Place a pillow underneath your knees and keep your spine neutral. 

When you sleep on your back, your weight is evenly distributed and spread across the widest area of your body, which is one of the reasons why this position is so beneficial.

The Takeaway: The Best Sleeping Position For A Healthy Back

All in all, the most important thing when it comes to maintaining a healthy back is alignment. So whatever sleeping position you choose, make sure your body is properly aligned.

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