Sigma Instrument Adjusting

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About Sigma Pro Adjuster Instrument

SHIN Wellness in Miami Florida offers the SIGMA Instrument as a service to our patients who prefer a different kind of adjustment.

The Sigma Instrument Method is gentle, precise and preferred by many patients. The Sigma Instrument is a revolutionary new technology used by us to accurately measure the fixation of the spine and treat health disturbances related to the spine and nervous system.

Sigma Instruments measures stiffness in your tissue and joints by using a light mechanical force to measure both the resistance at each level as well as the relative alignment at those levels.

The sensors use the information to interpret the best treatment parameters to be applied for correction.


✓ Soft Tissue conditions such as trigger points respond well to the percussion forces of SIGMA Instrument. The forces are delivered in a sub-harmonic, metered, precise nature to create oscillation and enhance the range of motion.

✓ Neurologically, the SIGMA Instrument takes advantage of the interplay of type 1, 2, and 3 mechanoreceptors with the type 4 nociceptors creating an inhibition of pain, increasing neuro-activity and restoration of normal nervous system tone

✓ The SIGMA Instrument is very comfortable for patients of all ages due to the fact that there is no application of manual rotation or thrusting forces.

✓ The patient is treated in a comfortable way without the need to turn or hyperextend parts of the body, head or neck. Thus this greatly reduces any issues associated with osteoporosis, vertebral artery conditions or other concerns that more aggressive techniques might not address.

About Instruments

This objectively obtained data will help ensure a functional outcome from your prescribed treatment plan and also let us know when procedures are needed and not needed for each of your visits.

It is important for you to feel confident that there will be an end to your therapy. We will be charting the progress using the sine wave analysis.

Each of these specialized data points will allow us to gently, skillfully and efficiently treat your condition.