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Dr. Wendy Gallego DC

Restoration of Posture, Maintenance of Health, Peak Performance. Improved Performance. Improved Immune System, Decreased Pregnancy Symptoms, Heavy Metal Testing, Pediatric Care, Ear Infections, Headaches, Neck, Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Carpal Tunnel, Hip, Knee, Foot, Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Since her position as staff physician and clinic director at Kentuckiana Children’s Center in Louisville, Kentucky, Dr .Gallego embraces an interest in and passion for working with special needs patients, particularly children with autism. She currently has a family practice in which she treats men, women and children of all ages, however, the impact of her devotion to those exceptional patients remains a large part of her work today.

Dr. Gallego focuses on more than merely the physical issues; she invests the time to learn about other aspects of her patients’ lives. Her treatment of a problem in the body does not end with a simple medical procedure. She subscribes to a basic belief that without a healthy body, there cannot be a healthy mind.

Physical and mental wellness, are not and cannot be separate. One without the other will not take you to the place you need to be, explains Dr. Gallego. With this philosophy in mind, Dr. Gallego founded Shin, a multi-disciplinary wellness center, so that she could ensure her patients received the necessary care to achieve the quality of life they deserved.

Dr. Gallego is confident, thorough and methodical in this unique approach to treatment. She brings back an often forgotten ideal of what a doctor should be. Trust is developed between doctor and patient, as Dr. Gallego is not just knowledgeable and experienced, but caring and compassionate.

Dr. Wendy Gallego is currently pursuing Diplomate status with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, and is now board eligible.