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Dr. Steve Arculeo Treats Spine Misalignment with the Sigma Ultralign

Dr. Steve Arculeo Treats Spine Misalignment with the Sigma Ultralign

Hi, I’m Dr. Steve Arklay. I’m here with Sigma instruments Ultra line, which I’ll be demonstrating here today. Before I go into the actual scanning and treating, I want to show you the involved anatomy that we’ll be looking at. This is the spine imperfect, curved alignment. And the significance of the spine being incorrect curved alignment is when the spine is aligned, it’s not irritating the nerves. Now when the spine is crooked or out of alignment, it will be irritating in the involved nerves, which not only will cause back pain and problems and stiffness there, but will cause illness or sickness disease, wherever the nerves go to, for instance of the spine is out of alignment. In the lower back, it could very well cause back pain, hip pain and leg pain and problems, as well as problems with the surrounding musculature. Same thing goes with the neck, if the neck is crooked or out of alignment, it’s going to cause problems in the neck, shoulder, arms and so on as well as involved muscles that you see displayed here. So the beauty of this instrument allows us to scan the spine. And that’s been the break, the biggest breakthrough in the last 50 years of Spinal Care is to be able to evaluate, evaluate the spine in real time real time, meaning you’re not taking an x ray and looking at it a couple days later, you’re actually scanning it immediately and seeing what’s going on which will aid the Diagnostic and Treatment elements. 


So that is why what we are going to be doing today is scanning the spine and seeing where it’s out of alignment if the spines in alignment looks like that. But if it’s out of alignment, the vertebrae shifted irritating the nerves that are actually in the spine. And that becomes a problem. So we’ll be tapping down the spine with this instrument. And it will read good, good, good, bad, good good. And it’s as simple as that in real time, we could see what’s going on to the spine, go ahead and treat it and then see if we’ve successfully made the correction. Now I’m actually going to scan my patient here, and then go through and treat and I’ll show you the process. And in real time, I’m able to see exactly what’s going on in the screen here on each segment of the lower back spine that might be in trouble. And I’ve identified the problem area right here. And I could move forward and treat that area.


Now the beautiful thing is I can immediately rescan and see how effective the treatment was. Excellent, we could see a beautiful correction before and after, I can see exactly how it was effective, I could see the scan before, right up against it, I could see the scan after and see how it was effective. And it’s as simple as that. So six sigma instruments Ultra line system allows you to find spinal problems in the back and the neck and the movement back in other areas. If find the problem, effectively correct it and then immediately post check. Okay, so sit up faith, how was that very gentle, very gently, barely felt it right. So that’s why patients really love it because of the speed of the instrument and that the percussive force is actually calculated from the scan as far as how rapid and the frequency of the correction, it makes it almost you don’t even feel it. So because of the specificity to not only is it comfortable, it also makes it more effective and getting someone well which may shorten treatment plans, which may be more cost effective for the patient. The doctors love it because it’s not a strain on their body as well. And they could get predictable results patient to patient. Now this this is a very efficient way to help somebody with their spinal problems. And because it’s so efficient and effective. This treatment is paid for through Medicare and most insurance companies. It’s as simple as that. Getting patients well with the new technology with Sigma.

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