Corrective Exercise at Shin Wellness

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About Corrective Exercise

If you embark on a corrective exercise program at Shin Wellness, it starts with a thorough assessment of your flexibility and your muscle activation patterns. This first session lasts for one hour and you will leave having a far greater understanding of your body posture and alignment, as well as the single most important stretch or muscle activation that your body needs to function optimally.

Our intention is for you to literally feel the difference in your body before and after the discovery of your “most important exercise.” It is not uncommon for pain to diminish noticeably as soon as you access these muscles. This “most important exercise” is based upon your specific body’s needs, and it can be used as a starting ground for a daily fitness routine. For those of you regularly exercising already, it will instantly enhance what you are doing at the gym.

Corrective Exercise specifically teaches you how to move with the correct muscles, enabling fluid joint movement and the potential avoidance of nearly any joint or muscle pain. This means that you are less likely to use pain-relieving medications.

Ultimately, the movement of the joints becomes aligned, which reduces the likelihood of various musculoskeletal injuries/surgeries. Corrective Exercise is often a key component in reclaiming your vitality.

✓ Corrective Exercise is the perfect blend of personal fitness training with physical activity.

✓ Corrective exercises are good for those who are completing physical therapy and want to make sure that you do not cause the same injury to recur in the future.

✓ Helps you to feel your body’s abilities and overall function improve, rather than decline, as you age.

✓ Corrective exercises are great for those who want to start a fitness program that focuses upon posture, alignment, and optimal muscle activation.

The Advantages of Corrective Exercise

For many who are involved in an exercise routine, it is common to develop chronic injuries, including back pain, knee pain, or shoulder pain.

In Physical Therapy, it is often the case that the specialized focus of the therapy adequately handles the immediate need for healing the musculoskeletal injury.

However, typically after rehabilitation and pain reduction, this is the end of the physical therapy, and time may not have been made to address the underlying cause of the injury.

This is why corrective exercise is the perfect middle ground between exercise and physical therapy.