Cold Laser Therapy at Shin Wellness

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About Cold Laser Therapy

At Shin Wellness in Miami, Florida, we offer Cold Laser Therapy or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to help our patients improve their health in three ways.

The first is in reducing inflammation which occurs in many musculoskeletal conditions and most disease processes. The second is to aid in wound healing, healing of deep tissue and healing of nerve tissue and lastly in the treatment of pain.

It is called Cold Laser or Low-Level Laser to distinguish it from other lasers that are used in surgeries- these are known as ablative lasers. The lasers we use light in the red or near infrared spectrum to stimulate tissues. The stimulation will help to displace nitric oxide thus allowing increased oxygenation into the tissue being treated. This, in turn, will help with mitochondrial function and overall function at the cellular level. When this occurs, healing takes place.

There is no heat produced and no unwanted side effects (some may feel a gentle warming sensation but this is this increase in metabolism of the cells that is felt). It is safe to use on all ages and in a variety of conditions and has provided excellent results for our patients.

Think about LLLT when faced with sporting injuries, disc injuries, headaches, plantar facitis, inflammatory processes, pain, decreased flexibility and so much more!


✓ Success in the Photon

One of the major contributors to the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy is the exchange of energy from light photons to the biological receptor. The availability of photons for stimulation is a function of both the appropriate wavelength and device power output.

These two factors determine the number of photons reaching the desired location. In treating conditions of greater than 1 cm in depth from the skin surface, the combination of the 830nm wavelength with a 30mW output produces the optimum photon beam.


✓ Increased Endorphins


Clinical studies done by Dr. Laakso et al from Royal Brisbane Hospital in Australia has confirmed that significant increases in plasma levels of endorphins resulted from 830nm laser irradiation.


The ability of the 830nm wavelength to stimulate the production of pain-reducing plasma endorphin levels, while other wavelengths did not, is important when clinicians are treating painful conditions.

✓ Stimulates ATP Production

Laser therapy has been used by leading scientists and clinicians around the world for over 20 years. In Japan, where laser therapy is considered a preferred medical practice, Dr. Noriko Mochizuki et al published a clinical study on the effect of laser therapy and ATP production. In that study, the scientists found that tissue levels of ATP were significantly increased when the target area was irradiated with 830nm wavelength laser light. The study further stated that this beneficial increase in ATP production was not the result of temperature modification, but rather a direct response to the effect of laser light photons. Since ATP functions as the primary fuel for cellular activity, stimulated increases of this energy source greatly enhances cellular ability to perform and complete biological processes.


The Results of LLLT

• Increased collagen production

• Increased vasodilation

• Increased cell metabolism

• Increased cell membrane potential

• Increased microcirculation

• Increased lymphatic response

• Enhanced nerve regeneration

• Reduced inflammatory duration

• Increased pain threshold

• Reduced edema magnitude

• Increased tissue and bone repair

• Increased enzyme response