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Dr. Charles Franchino, D.C.

Dr. Franchino comes to Shin Wellness with over 40 years experience treating patients at his 3 locations in New York City.  A recent Miami transplant, he is excited to continue his service. He is very skilled in the art of spinal and extremity manipulation and has a Diplomate in Sacro-Occipital Technique(S.O.T.) and is certified in Graston and Trigger Point Therapy.

Dr. Franchino first experienced chiropractic as a teenager with recurring episodes of severe back pain that only responded to spinal manipulation. He planned on being a mental health professional but quickly changed his focus after his experience as a chiropractic patient. Eager to start his education he applied and was accepted to New York Chiropractic College on an accelerated basis. This was based on his undergraduate GPA and interviews with college officials. He graduated with honors in 1981 and started his own practice in Greenwich Village that year.

Based on his own journey and that of his patients, Dr. Franchino is an advocate of integrated health modalities working together to keep bodies working harmoniously.