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Can Spinal Misalignment Be The Cause Of Knee Pain?

Can Spinal Misalignment Be The Cause Of Knee Pain?

Can Spinal Misalignment Be The Cause Of Knee Pain?

It is always important to understand is that where you are feeling the pain is not necessarily where the problem is, but rather may be a symptom of the problem.

The nerves that transport the sensation of pain to the legs and feet are located at the second, third, and fourth lumbar vertebral levels in the lower back region. A misalignment at these locations can cause pain felt in the knee region. Our Spinal Decompression Therapy can help you return to a fully functioning, healthy lifestyle.

2 Signs That Spinal Misalignment Can Be The Cause Of Knee Pain 

1. Knee Pain Accompanied By Back Pain 

If you suffer from acute or chronic knee pain, take a moment to scan for other pains or discomforts that accompany it. These pains or discomforts may seem completely unrelated but take the time to consider them to help reveal where the root of the problem is. Back pain can be linked to knee pain simply based on the phenomenon of referred pain. The nerves to the lower extremities of the body branch directly off the lower spine, so it’s not a far reach to recognize how a pinched nerve, could direct pain down that nerve branch and into the knee.

Perhaps you sit at a desk for your profession, drive long distances, or sit for hours in an airplane. The fact is that sitting for long periods of time can reduce the disc height and increase the disc changes by pushing fluid out of the disc. Therefore, if you have both back and knee pain, it’s is possible the knee pain is due to your back and not necessarily the knee itself.

2. Tight Hamstrings 

Hamstring tightness or pain that doesn’t resolve despite repeated stretching is actually one of the first signs in the lower extremity that there could be a nerve issue in your back causing knee pain. When the hamstrings become inflamed, overly tight, or painful, then it will directly impact how the knee joint works. Not only is the knee affected directly by the nerve itself, but also by the adjustments that you may make in how you move to compensate for the stressed hamstring.

Since the trauma is constant and ongoing, the body’s efforts to repair and heal will be futile until the root cause is addressed. 

Common Symptoms Of Knee Pain?

  • Stiffness and Swelling. 
  • Instability.
  • Weakness. 
  • Popping noises with movement.
  • Inability to fully straighten your knee.

6 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Knee Pain

  1. Spinal adjustment. Spinal misalignment can create an imbalance that places extra pressure on all the body’s joints, including the knees. Adjustments to the spine can restore alignment, balance and limit daily wear and tear on the body. The result is a reduction in pain, inflammation and restoring functionality to your knees.
  2. Trigger point therapy. Trigger-point therapy is a specific technique that involves the application of pressure on specific points in the body to reduce pain and discomfort.
  3. Posture correction. Like spinal misalignment, poor posture can put needless pressure on many of the body’s joints and muscles. Chiropractic Care can treat your knee problems by assessing your posture and making any necessary corrections.
  4. Low-level laser therapy. Low-level laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy, can assist patients by stimulating the muscles and soft tissues of the body. This low-level laser therapy can reduce inflammation, stimulates blood circulation and helps speed the healing process.
  5. Ultrasound therapy. This procedure uses ultrasound waves to massage painful joints and muscles. Ultrasound therapy reduces stiffness, relieves pain, and can improve mobility for patients.
  6. Nutrition counseling. Chiropractors offer nutrition counseling to patients to manage a healthy weight and avoid weight gain. Over time, nutritional counseling can help patients lose weight and ultimately take the pressure off the knees and other joints in the body.

The Takeaway

When you are experiencing knee pain, even the most basic daily activities can begin to seem difficult. Nothing can drain your energy quite like pain. Before you find yourself taking pain medication daily or enduring a needless surgery, take a moment to consider that spinal misalignment could be the root cause. 

If you are interested in learning more about health and wellness, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted practitioners at SHIN Wellness. We offer many holistic treatments such as Decompression Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Neurofeedback, Psychology, Reiki, Nutrition, Corrective Exercises, and Massage. If you need some help figuring out what service is right for you, try our personalized consultation. Our Wellness Center and Chiropractor office in Miami Florida specializes in restoring your health!

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