About BrainTap™ at Shin Wellness

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What is BrainTap™? 

Our brains are out of balance due to constant stressors and inputs. Regular use of BrainTap will help you restore your equilibrium and reach your full potential.

Our enhanced meditation technology makes meditation easy for anyone with no prior experience. You just need to choose a session and then slip on the BrainTap headset. The technology will do the rest.


How does it work? The BrainTap headset brings a new dimension to meditation and light therapy. The brain receives gentle light pulses through the ear meridians, and the retina. These signals are direct to the brain and can guide you to meditative states that will normally require years of hard work. Braintapping can be used to maximize your brain’s potential, quickly and easily. BrainTap, backed by neuroscience and research has been proven to be beneficial for people with high stress levels, trouble sleeping, low energy and other lifestyle problems. BrainTap’s unique neuro-algorithms guide your brain naturally through a wide range of brainwave patterns instead of just the Alpha state. This results in a broad spectrum of brainwave activity.

How does it help?

BrainTap has been shown to improve sleep quality and reduce stress. Our users also report feeling more alert and focused.

Burnout can paralyze. BrainTap helps you regain your energy, balance, and ability. BrainTap helps you thrive in overload. Instead of feeling tired and discouraged, BrainTap gives you a strong, resilient brain that is clear and focused. You can also feel more confident to make better decisions.

Braintapping produces a symphony in brainwave activity. This creates a calm, focused feeling that is ideal for learning and productivity. Every session is planned with brainwave balance at heart.

Braintapping can balance your nervous system, and help you to cope with the stresses of daily life. It can take 10-20 minutes to feel calming and rejuvenating. Braintapping daily trains your brain to be creative and resilient, and activates the right mental states at just the right time. This is how you can be your best self!