Acupuncture and Fertility: Exploring the Connection

Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medical practice, has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of health issues, including fertility problems. With the growing interest in alternative and complementary medicine, many people are considering acupuncture as a potential solution to improve their chances of conceiving. This article takes an in-depth look at the […]

11 Essential Corrective Exercises with Corrective Exercise Specialist James Goodlatte Hey there, I’m James and I’m in the corrective exercise section of Shin Wellness. And in a nutshell held how I’ll describe corrective exercise is that it’s a little bit different than fitness, right fitness is you show up with whatever muscle activation patterns you have. And you just sort of do them we […]

Dr. Steve Arculeo Treats Spine Misalignment with the Sigma Ultralign Hi, I’m Dr. Steve Arklay. I’m here with Sigma instruments Ultra line, which I’ll be demonstrating here today. Before I go into the actual scanning and treating, I want to show you the involved anatomy that we’ll be looking at. This is the spine imperfect, curved alignment. And the significance of the spine being […]

Fabiana Consistently Finds Back Pain Relief At Shin! Dr. WendyHi Fabiana, Fabina Hi Dr. Wendy, Dr. Wendy can you tell us a little bit about your experience here treating your low back? Fabina Yes, I came here the first time in 2015 after being hospitalized for a few days at Ventura hospital with an analysis of L four and L five out of the right […]