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7 Reasons To See Your Chiropractor This Holiday Season

7 Reasons To See Your Chiropractor This Holiday Season

7 Reasons To See Your Chiropractor This Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full force, more people than ever are facing the stresses that often come with this time of year. While you may be running around shopping, baking, and preparing to travel, it is important that you are also taking the time to care for yourself.

There is a reason so many people get sick during this time of year. It is not because cold weather magically brings colds, it is because so many people are stressed and not caring for themselves, which leaves our bodies at a greater risk of getting sick.

Seeing a Chiropractor during the holiday season can help reduce stress, heal and prevent winter injuries, and boost your mood.

 7 Reasons To See Your Chiropractor This Holiday Season

  1. Stress. The holiday season can be stressful when considering the mounting number of items that get piled on the to-do list, the extra expenses, and even stressful family encounters this time of year. The body deals with stress physically by tensing up; especially in the neck, shoulders, low back and jaw. Chiropractic is a powerful tool in dealing with the negative impact of stress and how it affects the body.
  2. Travel. Unless you’re staying at home for the holidays, odds are you’ll be feeling some type of travel pain come January. Whether you’re flying, driving, or stuck on a pullout sofa, the holiday travel can leave you in some pretty uncomfortable positions.
  3. Headaches. This time of year with stress, increase tension in the body, cold weather can increase headaches. Other triggers could be the lack of water, increase alcohol content, and many foods especially sugars and wine can increase headaches. Prevent these headaches, help decrease symptoms and rule out a more serious condition by visiting the chiropractor.
  4. Digestion. For many people, one of the best parts about the holiday season is all of the candies and cookies that they get to enjoy during this time of the year. However, all of these sweets can really take their toll on your digestive system and leave you feeling bloated, lethargic and uncomfortable. Combat these common pains by getting adjusted regularly. By visiting your chiropractor you can make sure your nervous system is functioning as it should be, meaning your whole body will start working better and your brain and your digestive system can communicate more effectively.
  5. Immune System. Chiropractic care can help balance the nervous system and help you stay active during the colder months, which improves your immune system and helps fight off the cold & flu.
  6. Seasonal injuries. It may not be so obvious, but the holidays bring their own types of injuries, including strains from hanging decorations and pulled muscles from lifting heavy boxes, shopping bags or shoveling snow.
  7. Winter Blues. Roughly 15% of Americans are challenged by the change of the seasons when it comes to depression and extreme fatigue. Posture is a key way we express ourselves. Good posture and spinal health can help you feel more energetic, happier, and confident.

The Takeaway:

The holidays can be a fast and furious season that too many become a blur of shopping, decorating, entertaining, and cleaning up. We are around many friends and family and often jump from party to party without really allowing our bodies the chance to digest everything that is going on or relax.

Although we have many obligations this time of the year this can also be the best time to stop and think about our own health. Chiropractic care has become essential to keep up with all the busy holiday season demands.

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