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4 Great Qualities Of Lavender Oil

4 Great Qualities Of Lavender Oil

4 Great Qualities Of Lavender Oil

Lavender, (Lavandula angustifolia), is simply one of the most versatile of all essential oils. Lavender is also associated with two specific traits: its pleasant fragrance and its lovely color. But did you know that the lavender flower and the oil derived from it have long histories in herbal medicine?

History Of Lavender

The name derives from the Latin root “Lavare”, which means “to wash”. The earliest recorded use of lavender dates all the way back to ancient Egypt when lavender oil was frequently used in baths to help purify the body and spirit.

Lavender flowers have a long history and have been used to treat digestive problems, insomnia, headaches, and improve mental health.

For centuries, English farmers would place lavender flowers inside their hats to prevent things such as headaches and sunstroke. Women would often place sachets of lavender in their closets and wardrobes for fragrance, as well as using it in potpourri. In the past, hospitals even used lavender as an antiseptic and disinfectant to sterilize surfaces and equipment.

4 Great Qualities Of Lavender Oil

  1. Supports Mental Health. Troubling thoughts and feeling low can plague any of us at one time or another, and Lavender oil is a great choice when we need to calm our minds down. It can have an immediate calming effect when inhaled or applied topically. To apply topically, dilute 2-5% with your favorite carrier oil and then massage onto your wrists, feet, temples, or hands to help settle a nervous or overactive mind that is causing you distress. Negative feelings that stem from anxiety or depression can take a serious toll on your well being, Lavender oil can be an asset.
  2. Improves Sleep Quality. Millions of people struggle with quality sleep and lavender happens to have a well-known reputation to promote a good night of sleep. Its relaxing properties may be just what you need to help to reduce feelings of stress after a long day and help you drift into and stay asleep. Diffusing Lavender in your bedroom for about 30 minutes is a wonderful way to incorporate Lavender into your nighttime routine.
  3. Headache Remedy. Headaches are prevalent and, unfortunately, a foolproof way to ruin a perfectly good day. Thankfully, with its calming and sedative effects, lavender oil can provide wonderful relief if you are experiencing head and neck tension. Lavender oil has been known to cause a significant reduction in headache pain when it is inhaled for just 15 minutes.
  4. Pain Reliever. Just by being a human you are likely to experience some sort of pain. Regardless of if the cause is sore muscles, a scrape, overworked joints, a pimple, or a fresh bruise, using Lavender oil can help lessen the perception of the pain and make us feel more comfortable. Lavender’s wonderful pain-relieving properties have been widely studied, and the results conclude that topically applying Lavender is an amazing way to soothe the pain. Simply be sure to dilute in a carrier oil. If you are experiencing pain you can also try Chiropractic Care for a way to treat your pain.

The Takeaway

Lavender is an amazing and versatile oil because of its calming, antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. The uses of lavender are endless though we have only discussed these 4 great qualities.

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