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Neurofeedback Miami

Spectrum at Shin

Our Spectrum program in Miami offers an integrated approach to the treatment of Pervasive
Developmental Disorders (i.e. autism, Asperger Syndrome) and Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  By cohesively addressing systemic imbalances (i.e.
brain disregulation, nutrient deficiencies, allergies and spinal deviations) we are able to maximize the impact of each of our interventions. Upon admission to our program, each client meets with highly trained doctors that create an individualized treatment plan specifically suited to address his or her core symptoms and concerns. Nutrition, neurofeedback and chiropractic care are then integrated in a manner that assists every client in realizing their full potential.

Neurofeedback and Spectrum Disorders

Neurofeedback is a direct training of brain function by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. It is based on two basic principles: that electrical brain activity reflects mental states and that this activity can be trained. Research on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and ADHD have shown that neurofeedback can remediate anomalies in brain activity and, thus, lead to symptom reduction and significant functional improvement. Neurofeedback has been widely documented to relieve and even eliminate symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, emotional reactivity, insomnia, headaches and improve verbal expression.

Neurofeedback is a noninvasive treatment available in Miam that holds promise for the amelioration and/or elimination of symptoms without the risk of significant side effects.  The treatment encompasses the placement of sensors on the client’s scalp to pick up brainwave information.  This information is then “fed back” to the client via a computer display that the brain learns to control. Brain function is then improved as electrical brain activity is stabilized.   With enough training the client is able to eventually maintain the improved level of function.


Nutrition and Spectrum Disorders

Through our extensive experience in the field and current research, we have developed a nutrition/supplementation program that is specific to children on the spectrum. We use special testing, such as blood work for food sensitivities, urine analysis for organic acids, stool analysis for gut dysfunction and hair analysis for heavy metal/mineral testing as well as a very extensive intake form and physical examination to identify any deficiencies and/or metabolic process imbalances in each child. Research has shown that metabolic abnormalities, such as deficiencies in certain amino acids, gut dysbiosis, heavy metal toxicity, food sensitivities, liver dysfunction and yeast overgrowth are common in children in the spectrum.

The data compiled in the work-up mentioned above helps to paint the 'big picture' of what is happening in the body. The least invasive lab procedures are used (e.g. small finger prick to draw 5 drops of blood) to minimize any undue stress to the child. With the results we can start to put the puzzle together and have a customized nutritional/supplementation plan tailored for each individuals' needs. The nutrition aspects of the Spectrum program focus on both individual body systems and the body as a whole. Nutrition is an integral part of health in anyone, but especially in the case of these very special children.

Chiropractic Care and Spectrum Disorders

The chiropractic portion of the Spectrum program focuses on functional neurology. Our brains have two hemispheres, the right and the left. Normally, there is a functional symmetry which allows both sides of the brain to communicate with each other to complete a task. The absence of this functional symmetry can lead to a functional independence. The two sides of the brain will begin to work independently from each other. Most research points to children in the spectrum having a deficit in their right brain. This deficit is both functional and anatomical (size difference) and has been shown by static scans and functional scans for brain activity. This decrease in right brain function may be an explanation as to why Autism effects boys more than girls. Male brains are more asymmetrical than female brains, and they are more susceptible to prenatal and postnatal influences. Appropriate forms of environmental stimulation and behavioral modifications have been shown to significantly improve symptoms. The reason is that brain organization is moldable or changeable, leading to the conclusion that many aspects of neurobehavioral disorders do not have to result in permanent impairment.

Chiropractic focuses on the treatment and maintenance of the nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Through specific testing, we determine decreased right or left brain function. The chiropractor will then use adjustments and modalities to stimulate the proper hemisphere. The chiropractic adjustment is effective because it is very specific in its job. The adjustment is done at a specific joint. The joints in the body have receptors that are constantly providing feedback to the brain. By adjusting specific joints, we are sending signals to appropriate parts of the brain and the brain sends signals back to the body. This will eventually lead to a new pathway or new connection, causing a more optimally functioning system. As the brain becomes more functionally symmetrical, it will lead to higher abilities and appropriate responses.

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