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Your Posture and Back Pain

Your Posture and Back PainBeyond ergonomics there are other things you can do, to improve the way your back feels every day.

  1. Become aware of your posture

Remember when your parents and teachers would constantly nag you about not slouching, during your childhood? They may have been annoying, but they truly had your best interest at heart. As an adult, you don't get reminded to maintain a good posture, which is why you need to work on it yourself, at work, at home, at leisure, and while walking around.

Walking and carrying items, from a small cell phone to heavier objects, are particularly sensitive situations. Most back injuries are caused by trying to bend over, twist, and lift something off the ground – all in poor posture. That's because these scenarios involve supporting most of your body weight with your upper back. For maximizing posture awareness, try to pinpoint the triggers of your back pain episodes and see how they tie in with ergonomics and posture, in order to remember sitting up right.

  1. Stay active

Since poor posture goes hand in hand with a sedentary lifestyle, it's very important to counteract the negative effects of the former with the benefits of the latter. Aerobic exercise like biking, walking, and swimming will go a long way in keeping your body in good shape overall. Then, specific tonus exercises for the muscle groups in one's back and neck will help you deal with the risk of injury caused by poor posture. For the best type of support to your lower back, you should strive for stronger back muscles (by roughly 30 per cent), when compared with abdominals.

  1. Love your feet

We're not just talking foot rubs, lotion, and spa treatments. As most women will intuitively know, high heels are posture and back killers. They may make your legs look long and sleek, but they will also shift your body's center of gravity and the alignment of your limbs, unwittingly altering your posture at the same time. As such, avoid wearing high heels for too long when standing and rest your feet on a comfy rubber mat whenever possible.

  1. Invest in ergonomics

Ergonomic office chairs may not be cheap, but think of them as an investment in your future and health. After all, if you're like most people, you're spending up to 40 hours a week in them, so they're well worth the effort. Try to personalize your home, car, and office space, all with promoting good posture and safeguarding your spinal structure in mind.

  1. See your wellness practitioner

Your Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Trainer, etc can all help you to first correct any bad habits or problems with your structure, and then go on to prevent and maintain your wellness for the future. 

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