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What Can Hypnosis Do for Me?

Hypnosis therapy can bring about positive changes in your life. It can help you:

  • Deal with pain;
  • Give up substance abuse;
  • Stay focused and motivated;
  • Improve your memory.

What Can Hypnosis Do for MeWe all wish to change our lives for the better, but sometimes a desire to bring about change is not enough. Motivation helps, but clinical hypnosis can transform the entire process, based on subconscious patterns, into an easy, comfortable, enjoyable one.

In day-to-day life, our conscious mind takes over and dictates our actions. Problematic behaviors are caused by erroneous or harmful associations that this part of the mind has created over the course of our lives. In clinical hypnosis, the professional therapist helps you relax to the point where the subconscious mind takes over. You don’t need to actively consider your problems or listen to the suggestions coming from the therapist. By entering a trance, the subconscious, hidden part of the mind takes over and starts to work toward solving your problems. On a certain level, it’s much like the way your mind drifts off while you drive, or perform another type of automatic behavioral pattern. The subconscious tends to the activity at hand, while the rest of the mind focuses on matters of actual importance. A successful clinical therapy session will activate the subconscious latent problem-solving abilities that we all possess which will help you to experience long-term beneficial changes in your behavior.

Even though it has sometimes been misrepresented, hypnosis therapy has been changing people for the better for a long time. All of our patients have managed to implement beneficial changes after undertaking clinical hypnosis therapy. Once you try it yourself, you will realize that you have experienced trances or hypnosis-like states before. You simply did not acknowledge them as such.

For instance, try to recall a recent daydream experience, or a time when you traveled from point A to point B. Can you accurately recall the entire travel experience per se, or are there certain segments which you do not remember? When our body is required to perform behaviors that we’ve learned a long time ago and performed numerous times (such as driving), the waves generated by the brain slow down to an 8-12 Hz/second Alpha level. The subconscious part of the mind oversees the actual execution of the ‘learned behavioral pattern’, while the conscious mind is taken over by other issues.

This pleasant state, in which you feel at once physically present and mentally removed is a lot like what you will experience during hypnosis.

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