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How to Reduce Stress

While stress is, indeed, a serious issue, there are several ways to cope with it, in order to function better within the framework of your fast-paced life. Here are ten such methods.

reduce stress

  1. Manage your time better. This involves prioritizing your workload and family responsibilities and setting achievable deadlines. Many people create unnecessary pressure on themselves by setting deadlines no one could ever meet.
  2. Take the time to think a problem through. Flying into a panic each time you are met with a problem will harbor stress. The appropriate response is a several-step strategy. What is your problem? What kind of a problem is it? What are your options for solving it?
  3. Make time for yourself. Find your perfect ‘me time’ spot, in or around your office or work area—and even at home. Somewhere you can simply be yourself, relaxed and carefree. Try this simple relaxation exercise: recline or lie down comfortably and take three deep, slow breaths. Then count back from ten, all the while visualizing yourself in the most relaxing spot in the world. This can be anything, from an imaginary castle, to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches or a favorite chair in your grandmother’s house. You will develop more such self-hypnosis tools as you progress with your sessions.
  4. Ask for help. There should be no shame involved in admitting you have too much cut out for you. Ask your family, your friends or a hypnosis professional to aid you in coping with stress. Clinical hypnosis is a particularly effective stress-management technique, because it teaches your subconscious how to deal with the things that caused an excess of pressure in your life.
  5. Educate yourself. There are a lot of great resources available, online and in books, on how to best manage your stress. The best part about them is that they can be tailored to fit your very own lifestyle.
  6. Unwind daily. It is often difficult to make time for yourself during the course of a given day, yet it’s very important for both your body and your mind that you exercise and that you unwind the right way.
  7. Give up caffeine. High caffeine intakes ‘trick’ the body into believing it’s being exposed to an adrenaline rush. This, in turn, cause stress levels to grow in the background of your conscious mind. Reduce your daily dose of Coke, tea, coffee, chocolate and any other foods and beverages that contain caffeine. As you learn more about relaxing and self-hypnosis, you’ll find that eliminating stress is not all that difficult.
  8. Give up on malignant substances. Not only are alcohol and cigarettes generally bad for your health, but they also stimulate the nervous system and increase stress.
  9. Watch what you eat. A healthy, balanced diet will make you feel better about yourself, as well as cut down on sugar, unhealthy fats and excess salt, which all cause stress.
  10. Focus on self-improvement. By learning self-hypnosis and other new methods for dealing with stress, your self-esteem and confidence will also gradually improve.

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