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Dr. Gallego Featured on CBS News - Focus on South Florida 2013

Welcome back everyone. Our focus on a new year, new you would not be complete without sharing with the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Time to put away the Champaign. Joining ... although that can be healthy sometimes. Joining us now to help us achieve the wellness and improved quality of life we're all seeking is Dr. Wendy Gallego, founder of the Shin Wellness Center. Thank you so much for being here. We say everything in moderation. Love in abundance and everything else in moderation.

That's correct.

What's so important about where you're coming from is you feel it's the holistic approach. So many people run to one doctor for one thing, we go to one extra for another. We got to our Pilates class for something else. It just doesn't seem to be flowing right. What have you stumbled upon that you think is critical?

I think it's critical that we are seen by a multitude of people. We need a team. OK? We need a team to be working together with us. If we are going to different places for different things, they're not talking and they may be giving us contradictory advice which is really hard for us to figure out too. If you go for one thing, say you go for pain. I have some low back pain or I have some neck pain. Well, what else is going on in your life? Do you have anxiety? Are you depressed? Those can contribute to your pain. Are you not eating right? Are you not digesting right? That can also contribute. We know what we eat is everything. If you can have this all in one place where the practitioner's can come together and they can work on you as a whole person, then you can have that health that you want. Health is every arena. It's not just health in one area, the body, or the mind or the spirit. It's everything.

In fact I often say we're not always there all the time living in the place for all those three places are integrated, but when we are there it feels fantastic.

That's correct.

We know ... wow I'm really on today. Everything seems to be working and other days you just feel like you're having an out of body experience and it's not working. It takes work to get to that place.

It does. We strive for that. We don't reach it, but we strive for that. Health is balance. It's balance in everything. It may be balance in your food intake versus your exercise output.

And of course coming at this time of the year amidst so many people, their resolution is unfortunately the resolution is often to just lose weight as opposed to be healthy in dealing with weight issues. I bet some people come to you just really stressed out because they just don't know how to get on the band wagon of losing weight.

The most common thing that we hear is that “I've tried everything and I just can't do it.” Or “I can't keep it off.” What they're looking at is they're not looking at the inside. We do the lab work. We do the analyses. We do blood work. We do analyses in stool analysis, urine analysis and see if there's something going wrong in the gut. Is there a yeast infection in there? Is there a lack of the probiotics or the lack of the good bacteria? We try to balance all of that stuff so that when you are eating and you are digesting, it's proper. Then we teach you about what you should do. How you should combine your foods. What you should have and what you shouldn't have. Maybe you have a food sensitivity. It's not always the person's fault.

Yes, that's right.

They think it is.

We're so harsh on ourselves.


We blame ourselves, but there's a whole myriad of ... Many people might think well my goodness a movie star perhaps can have a whole team looking after them, but I can't afford that. That's not me, but you're here to say that you can come and incrementally have this holistic exposure.

That's absolutely the case. Also we take insurance. It's very affordable and we make it so. If you come in and you have a priority system we can work that way. If you come in and you say “I want it all together” we can make it work that way. We can structure it so that it's affordable for everyone.

I wonder ...

It should be.

Do you find couples come in because I so often think ... I think that women very often are more nurturing to themselves and to everyone else around them. Willing to kind of mine and find. Do you think it would be helpful for more men to go more internal and try to do this holistic approach of caring for themselves?

I think it's really changing now.


There are corporations that are really encouraging that so it's really on the rise. I remember the first time that I had a whole corporation. They made, and it was mostly men, they made them do yoga class.

That's fantastic.

They had to. It was mandatory. It was so funny when it first started. There was no flexibility and they were all joking around and by maybe three or four weeks in they were very good at it and understanding the benefits.

Sure. Will you look at corporations like Google and many of them literally they break in the day for meditation, mindful meditation classes are now offered for free there. I think that many corporations are realizing the benefit of having healthy workers and I just think there's so much stress in the work place today. How are you seeing that stress ooze out from people?

It's everywhere. It's just part of everybody. Everybody comes in and their shoulders are up on their ears. Their phones are going off. They can't even in beginning, they can't even sit down for a treatment without having their phone ring six, seven times.

What about the addiction to the phone?

My goodness.

Right. Isn't that just a constant thing even when they come in for some of your meetings and classes?

It is. It is. They can't shut off. A lot of it is because it's absolutely expected of them. They can't get around it so what we teach is you have to have the tools to combat that. If that's your life and it has to be that way; you have to carry three cell phones and you have to be there when your boss calls ...

Give us a couple of those tools.

You have to have those tools.

For our audience is there. It's Sunday morning. They're having their coffee. They're relaxed right now, but by Monday it's a different thing. What would say are three suggestions that you can give folks so that they can learn to go more within?

The first thing is take three minutes a day. Whether it be exercises that we've given you, or maybe we've taught you meditation or self hypnosis, just three minutes. Most people can spare three minutes. Maybe that's the time that your shower's taking to warm up or your coffee is taking to brew. You take that three minutes, go into a place where you can find quiet. Maybe you have to go into the bathroom and lock the door because you have children, but you have to find a quiet space for yourself for just three minutes. Some people think I'm going to need 20 minutes to do a meditation. No, three. I think that's the first thing that you have to start your day that way.

I think you need to know that these little miracles can come in three minutes, in two minutes, in one minute.

They can.

It's just to take that first step. We so thank you for joining us today. I'm going to pop in. I can't wait to check out your whole facility. It sounds fantastic, but most importantly is the energy that you bring with it. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing you there.

OK. Happy New Year.

To you too.

Thank you all for joining us this Sunday morning.

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