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Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation:
Naturally Revitalize the Energy of the Face
by Chad Bailey, A.P.

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There are many ways to help our faces look younger and more beautiful in these modern times like cosmetic surgery, chemical peels and botox. These methods come with risks which are not easily overlooked.

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation or the "Acu Facelif" is a process of opening the energy meridians of the face and related areas and stimulating nourishing energy. The Acu points, used with needles and/or with finger pressure, help clear toxins, smooth the flow of Qi/ vital energy and strengthen this energy in the face.

In Oriental Medicine, the health of the face is determined by the brightness of the complexion. This brightness is the smooth and strong flow of energy. Many factors influence the vitality of the face including stress, sun damage, exposure to environmental toxins, cold, wind and dryness. These factors create wrinkles, blotches, smile lines, puffiness, under eye bags, muscular tension, sagging skin and much more. The Acu facelift opens these energy flows and replenishes areas of the face lacking energy.

The face is a map and gauge of the energies of the different organs. Puffy eyes or eyes with dark circles relates to the kidneys.  A line between the brows relates to the liver.
Wrinkles near the corners of the mouth relate to the stomach. Smile lines near the nose relates to the large intestine. Sagging skin relates to the spleen. Acne can mean stagnation of energy in a particular organ.

The Acu Facelift works by balancing the energy flow of the individual and specifically targeting the face to remove energy blockages and refresh with new nourishing energy. Any patient receiving regular acupuncture will have a better complexion because of the balance created. The Acu facelift adds to this by balancing the individual with a specific goal of enhancing energy flow and vitality in the face.

If you are already receiving regular acupuncture, ask your practitioner if the Acu facelift could be added to your treatment. If you are not regularly seeing an acupuncturist, start now with the Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation.

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