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10 Great Reasons to Give Miami Chiropractic a Try

About hypnosisAnyone's who has ever tried chiropractic, or who knows someone else who has, can attest to the beneficial effects and little to no side-effects that this medical practice has. It relieves pain, it involves no medication and it can literally change the patient's life. How? In a great number of ways, many of which have been proven by science, time and again – as well as attested to by the experts at Shin Wellness. Read on to learn more about the many ways in which giving chiropractic a try can virtually turn your life around.

10. A Pain-Free New You
What do most people do when they experience pain? The demands of their busy daily lives keep them from addressing the issues in a more profound way, which is why most turn to anti-inflammatory medication and/or pain relievers and leave their efforts at that. The difference with chiropractic in this respect is that it goes straight to the source of the pain and identifies the causes that could be provoking migraines, pain in the neck, back, buttocks, arms or legs, as well as various injuries caused during sports or improper lifts. More often than not, these issues are caused by subluxations of the spine. These afflicted areas will cause the restricted flexibility and/or misalignments of the vertebrae. Luckily, the Chiropractic Physicians at Shin Wellness can address these issues via the chiropractic adjustment, the most used, safe, and non-intrusive method among contemporary wellness practices.

9. Throw Those Painkillers Away
And since we're on the topic of medication against pain, it's worth noting that patients who do go in for chiropractic on a regular basis eventually decide of their own free will that they are going to stop using unnecessary medication against pain as they begin to better understand how our bodies work. This helps eliminate a lot of potential issues and reduce risks of creating a habit, or causing other side-effects. You may be under the impression that if you don't require a prescription for a certain drug like Ibuprofen or Tylenol, this means it's completely risk free. The truth is different, though. Most drugs have secondary and side-effects, which, in the case of misuse due to prolonged periods of pain, can come to cause even bigger problems than the ones they were supposed to solve.

This is why it's always a better idea to prevent than to cure but if the problem is already present, using a non-invasive, drug free approach to actually correct the problem is preferrable – which is where chiropractic and other forms of wellness step in. For one thing, they don't bear the risk of having the patient develop recurrent migraines caused by medication. This syndrome is by no means new, but it's only recently that doctors have given it a name and started addressing it as the actual healthcare problem it represents. It affects about 2 per cent of the population and stems from taking pain killers indiscriminately, on a daily basis. Its effects, though subtle by all counts, can come to affect the quality of one's life in a very serious way.

8. Get Smart
This is probably one of the more shocking findings of science, but a study undertaken in 1997 has revealed that spinal adjustments performed on the neck during chiropractic treatment can genuinely improve one's cognition. In order to determine this, the scientists involved, mapped brain activity patterns both before and after chiropractic treatments. They found that most of the 500 test subjects showed improved cognitive functions in the outer portions of their brains. This adjustment of the neck, which also affected the cortical segments of the brain, apparently activated certain pathways of the nerve system and ended up improving cognition through stimulation.

Yet another study, this time completed in New Zealand in 2005, on 30 test subjects, found that the brain can also come to improve its response function thanks to chiropractic manipulation. All the subjects involved in the test had suffered a form of misalignment in their cervical spinal joints. This study, however, didn't use brain mapping to determine brain responses generated in the cortical areas of the brain. The scientists stimulated the brain, in order to determine its response to several types of stimuli and then analyzed the participants' response time. They found that the spinal joint dysfunctions caused a lot of variability in terms of performance, as well as inaccuracies in choosing the right response. The situation did improve, in terms of processes in the cortex, soon after the respondents began chiropractic care.

7. Improve Your Immune System Today
It may take a while to see some improvement – as well as dedication to regularly attending chiropractic care – but this strain of health care can come to improve the immune system. This only makes sense: after all, chiropractic is aimed at preventing ailments, based on completely natural and non-intrusive methods. Beyond the intuitive level, however, science has also shown that there is a strong connection between immunity and chiropractic adjustments. Eleven patients were evaluated, during a nine-month experience with chiropractic. The 2006 study found elevated immunity levels, as well as improvements in their overall quality of life. Another study, completed in 1991, showed that two types of cells (polymorphonuclear neutrophils and white blood cells which are 2 major components of our immune system) were increased after exposure to the chiropractic adjustment.

6. Chiropractic for Whatever Ails You
Some of you may be thinking that they have no use for chiropractic if they're not currently experiencing any pain. However, as numerous recent studies have proven, chiropractic can help with a wide range of issues, from the painful colic that babies experience, to PMS, hypertension, decreased immune response, scoliosis, infections of the ear, and even complex neural ailments such as Parkinson's.

Before you shake your head in suspicious disbelief, bear in mind that the spine is not simply comprised of vertebrae, but it also acts as one of the two main components of the central nervous system. In other words, the spine and the brain put together are what keeps human beings functioning on a neural level, with everything this entails: from language and thought generation, to movement and hand-eye coordination. This being the reality, it only makes sense that by addressing vertebral subluxation, a Chiropractic Physician could also improve other types of conditions, such as the ones mentioned above. Why? Because solving an issue that affects the spine can ultimately take care of a problem with any one of the many nerves that control the organs within the human body. Conversely, vertebral subluxations left unattended risk to endanger the delicate balance of one's health as a whole.

5. Healthier, Happier, More Productive
If you've ever experienced serious back pain, you already know that this takes a toll on most aspects of your daily life – it hinders you both from working efficiently, as well as from enjoying physical activities that you once took part in. Moreover, as regular chiropractic patients can attest to, visits to Shin Wellness have been known to keep work-related conditions at bay, from lower back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is caused by malfunctions of the nerves that lead out into one's fingers, while lower back pain can be caused by poor posture, which many office workers with non-ergonomic chairs and work stations suffer from.

Lower back pain is by no means something to take lightly. According to a scientific study on physiological therapy, published in 1999, sitting in a less than perfect position can cause the pelvis to misalign with the spine, by imprinting it with a backward rotation pose. This, in turn, gives rise to numerous negative effects: the curve of the lower spine becomes less supportive and alters the angle between the trunk and the thigh, as well as the angle of the knee.

Lower back pain is also a serious issue for employers, as illustrated by a work efficiency-related study published in 2006 in Spine Magazine. The study investigated the reactions of 250 staff members who were receiving financial benefits for chronic lower back pain -72 of them were not taking any active steps toward improving their condition, which ultimately meant they took a longer time to recover in therapy, as well as to return to work. The remaining people in the study had chiropractic treatment and boosted their health back to normal, thanks to chiropractic spinal manipulation. Their vertebrae were literally realigned and their back pain done away with. It is important to note, though, that therapy needs to be undertaken systematically, in order to yield timely results.

4. Get Fit!
Another area in which chiropractic works wonders is that of improving sportsmanship and professional athletes know this best. Both Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong have regular chiropractic visits, especially while at the peak of their career. And you don't necessarily have to be a world class athlete, whose levels of health are already at top mark. As Shin Wellness patients often report in their assessment files, their decision to take up chiropractic has also helped them focus more on their wellbeing in general. Soon thereafter, they also take up a work out plan and generally pay more attention to their wellness needs. This might have something to do with an incentive for maintaining one's health that chiropractic brings into one's life – and it certainly relates to improved levels of physical ability.

3. Wellness for One and All
Before opting for chiropractic and sticking to it, according to a regular plan, a lot of patients report having no motivation whatsoever to become more fit and responsible for their state of physical fitness in general. However, it may very well be that this type of care helps them rediscover all the good reasons for which one should stay fit – not only do you get to feel better, but you also get the impression that you're going to live longer and lead a happier life for it. Chiropractic helps you to have more energy, better posture and overall better function which leads to lifestyle changes that previously felt too difficult.

2. Sleep Better
Although the link between chiropractic care and the quality of sleep might not be immediately apparent, the two are inextricably linked. This has to do with the fact that chiropractic helps alleviate physical pain, as well as the pervading sense of anxiety and depression that stem from it, and ultimately come to affect how well one sleeps. A study, published in 2005, found that there is a strong link between insomnia and vertebral subluxations, one of the main issues that chiropractic address. The research asked 154 out of 221 respondents to take part in an interview, as they undertook structured chiropractic care regimens. They were all cared for by the same 15 chiropractors. Over 30 per cent of the respondents said they felt the quality of their sleep had improved right after they'd started receiving chiropractic adjustment. Out of the 52 people polled who had reacted positively, only one of them said that he/she had seen no improvement. And the study also comes with good news for insomnia sufferers: 20 of the respondents, which suffered from it, said they had started sleeping better only 6 days into their chiropractic treatment.

1. Less Stress
Stress is caused from a cumulus of factors, which throw the natural rhythms of the body and mind off kilter. For one thing, it can be caused by abnormally elevated levels of pain, but also by the lack of a sustained physical exercise regimen. Chiropractic helps restore the balance of physical wellness, but it also motivates patients to address their fitness issues. Their newfound improved physical abilities lead stress sufferers to work out on a regular basis, at their own pace – a great, all-natural remedy against stress, anxiety, and depression.

Of course, chiropractic practitioners are not psychotherapists and consequently don't treat depression per se. However, chiropractic adjustments can help relieve the somatic effects of depression, as proven by a 2005 study. According to the researchers involved, chiropractic therapy can successfully address and resolve emotional balance issues. The study in question looked at the progress of 15 clinically depressed patients, who received chiropractic care for vertebral subluxation in the upper neck area of their spine. Their depression scores, as assessed through the Beck Depression Inventory II, significantly lowered after chiropractic care.

What are you waiting for, get adjusted!

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